Indy brings us down with talk of our inevitable demise; the singularity, Aliens, & black holes. Oh my! Samantha has discovered a new Netflix teen dance drama. Then we introduce next week’s feature, the underrated dystopian drama Children of Men. 

ProTip: If you want to skip extinction talk and go right to the ballet TV review, go to the 35 minute mark!


Children of Men Trailer:

Toby Ord:

Nick Bostrom:

Future of Humanity Institute:

Tiny Pretty Things Trailer:

A little Canadian comedy, a prototype for a classless Utopia, cult hit, critical success, Schitt's Creek is all of these things and more! Samantha and Indy look at the characters, relationships, comedy and unique outlook that make Schitt's Creek a must-watch TV show.


Willkommen from Cabaret (1998):


Schitt's Creek (styled Schitt$ Creek) is a Canadian television sitcom created by Dan Levy and his father Eugene Levy that aired on CBC Television from January 13, 2015, to April 7, 2020.[1] It consists of 80 episodes spread over six seasons.[2][3] Produced by Not a Real Company Productions[4] and Anonymous Content, the series follows the trials and tribulations of the formerly wealthy Rose family when they are forced to relocate to Schitt's Creek, a small town they once purchased as a joke.[5] Now living in a motel, Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) and Moira Rose (Catherine O'Hara)—along with their adult children, David (Dan Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy)—must adjust to life without money and with each other.[5]

Samantha relives her retail past with the sitcom Superstore, Indy takes a psychedelic drive with the Goat album World Music, then we prepare for next week’s episode on Schitt’s Creek!


Superstore trailer:

GOAT live at the Roskilde Festival:

Schitt’s creek Trailer: 

Goat is a Swedish alternative and experimental fusion music group. The band originates—according to its own publicity—from KorpilomboloNorrbotten County.[1] Their first album World Music, was released on 20 August 2012 by Rocket Recordings,[2] and in North America on the Sub Pop label. The group released their third studio album, Requiem, in October 2016.


Superstore is an American sitcom television series that premiered on NBC on November 30, 2015.[2] The series was created by Justin Spitzer, who served as an executive producer for four seasons.[3][4] Starring America Ferrera (who also serves as an executive producer) until her departure in the sixth season and Ben Feldman (who also serves as a producer), Superstore follows a group of employees working at "Cloud 9", store number 1217, a fictional big-box store in St. LouisMissouri. The ensemble and supporting cast includes Lauren AshColton DunnNico SantosNichole SakuraMark McKinney, and Kaliko Kauahi


In our final holiday episode of 2020, we discuss the humour, relationships, setting, child-like wonder, and creepiness that make the Finnish film Rare Exports something special.


Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale is a 2010 Finnish fantasy film written and directed by Jalmari Helander about people living near the Korvatunturi mountain who discover the secret behind Santa Claus. The film is based on the 2003 short film Rare Exports Inc., and its 2005 sequel Rare Exports: The Official Safety Instructions, by Jalmari Helander and Juuso Helander, both of which involve a company that traps wild Santa Clauses and trains and exports them to locations around the world.

First we run down our top 20 Christmas dog movies including; The Search for Santa Paws, Santa’s Dog, Lost Christmas & more! Then we get a preview of next week’s watch, the Finnish holiday horror Rare Exports!


Rare exports trailer:


12 Christmas Wishes For My Dog trailer:

12 Dogs of Christmas Trailer:


12 Dogs of Christmas 2 Trailer:


Santa Stole Our Dog Trailer: 


The Search for Santa Paws trailer:


Scoot & Kassie's Christmas Adventure trailer:

Hercules Saves Christmas trailer:

Is A Christmas Prince a Christmas classic? A derivative mess written by an algorithm? A media savvy self-aware gem? A truly nihilistic work of emptiness? Just silly fun? We discuss, you decide!

Plus: secret messages, interdimensional time travel, nonsense songs, terrible journalists, and more!


A Christmas Prince is a 2017 American Christmas romantic comedy film directed by Alex Zamm, written by Karen Schaler and Nathan Atkins and stars Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Tom Knight, Sarah Douglas, Daniel Fathers, Alice Krige and Tahirah Sharif.

The holiday season is upon us! Indy recommends the Bill Murray classic(?) Scrooged, Samantha introduces us to the Netflix Holiday Movie Universe, including next week’s watch: A Christmas Prince!

Beers of the Week: Box of Chocolates from Spectrum

Scrooged trailer:

The Princess Switch trailer:

A Christmas Prince Trailer:

In an all out love fest, we look at the NBC mockumentary comedy Parks and Recreation! After arguing about nose-blowing, our hosts finally agree on something as they analyze the characters, friendships, and optimism that make Parks & Rec great.

Correction: The band is called Letters To Cleo, not Letters From Cleo, as we said. Ben Wyatt would be so disappointed, but he’d forgive us, because that’s the kind of guy he is.


Parks and Recreation (also known as Parks and Rec) is an American political satire mockumentary sitcom television series created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur. The series aired on NBC from April 9, 2009, to February 24, 2015, for 125 episodes, over seven seasons. A special reunion episode aired on April 30, 2020. The series stars Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, a perky, mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks Department of Pawnee, a fictional town in Indiana. The ensemble and supporting cast features Rashida Jones as Ann Perkins, Paul Schneider as Mark Brendanawicz, Aziz Ansari as Tom Haverford, Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson, Aubrey Plaza as April Ludgate, Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer, Adam Scott as Ben Wyatt, Rob Lowe as Chris Traeger, Jim O'Heir as Garry "Jerry" Gergich, Retta as Donna Meagle, and Billy Eichner as Craig Middlebrooks.


Indy pitches his new business idea, then talks about the heartbreaking tale of Takako Konishi, and the subsequent film Kumiko the Treasure Hunter. Sam has even more royal TV suggestions; The White Queen, The White Princess, & The Spanish Princess
Then Indy confidently introduces next week’s watch, the NBC mockumentary Parks & Recreation!


Death of Takako Konishi:

This Is A True Story: 

Kumiko the Treasure Hunter trailer: 

Parks and Rec trailer:

The White Queen trailer: 

The White Princess trailer: 

The Spanish Princess trailer:

November 9, 2020

078 Instant Family (2018)

In a good old-fashioned debate, we analyze Instant family, including the attempts at comedy, performances, and family diversity in cinema. Is this actually a heartwarming film, or just a good topic shrouded in bad jokes?





Instant Family is a 2018 American family comedy-drama starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne as parents who adopt three young children, played by Isabela Moner, Gustavo Escobar (Gustavo Quiroz), and Julianna Gamiz. Also starring Margo Martindale, Julie Hagerty, Tig Notaro, and Octavia Spencer, the film is directed by Sean Anders, who wrote the screenplay with John Morris, based in part on Anders' own experiences.

Instant Family was released in the United States on November 16, 2018. It grossed over $120 million worldwide, and was called an "earnest, heartwarming comedy" by critics, who also praised the performances

After a mindblowing discussion about the definitions of riffle and rifle, Samantha talks about The Tudors and how Henry VIII totally had a six pack, and Indy is quite obsessed with the work of Matt Berry, including Toast of London & What We Do In The Shadows. Then we learn about next week’s feature: Instant Family!


The Tudors:


Instant Family Trailer:


Take My Hand by Matt Berry video:


Toast of London trailer:

The birth of the zombie genre, allegories for American race relations, cannibalism, women in horror, the death of the hope of the 1960’s, no wonder this turned into our longest episode ever! Plus our guests Film Rage, Flicks X-Rayed, and Drinking & Screaming talk about their favourite films inspired by Night of the Living Dead!


All The Horror:

Scares That Care:


Flicks X-Rayed:


Drinking & Screaming:


Film Rage:




Night of the Living Dead is a 1968 American independent horror film written, directed, photographed and edited by George A. Romero, co-written by John Russo, and starring Duane Jones and Judith O'Dea. The story follows seven people who are trapped in a rural farmhouse in western Pennsylvania, which is under assault by an enlarging group of cannibalisticundead corpses.

The film was completed on a US$114,000 budget and shot outside Pittsburgh, where it had its theatrical premiere on October 1, 1968. The film grossed US$12 million domestically and US$18 million internationally, earning more than 250 times its budget. Night of the Living Dead has been regarded as a cult classic by film scholars and critics, despite being heavily criticized upon its release for its explicit gore. It eventually garnered critical acclaim and was selected in 1999 by the Library of Congress for preservation in the National Film Registry as a film deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".[3][4][5]

Night of the Living Dead led to five subsequent films between 1978 and 2009, also directed by Romero, and inspired several remakes; the most well-known remake was released in 1990, directed by Tom Savini.[4][6]

Spooktober continues as Indy regales us with tales of Hookface and the Nightmare Island Trilogy and Samantha is thrilled by the works of JP Delaney. Why are vampires more plausible than Slenderman? Is it just age? Then we get introduced to next week’s movie, the 1968 horror classic: Night of the Living Dead!


Nightmare Island: The Legend of Hookface:

Nightmare Island 2: Hookface’s Revenge:

Nightmare Island 3: Rise of the Blood Queen:

Night of the Living Dead Trailer:

October 12, 2020

074 The Exorcist (1973)

Religion, great performances, Ghost-Vampires, allegories, special effects, & curses all come up as we discuss a film we actually agree on, the horror classic: The Exorcist!

Hosted by Indy Randhawa & Samantha Hees

The Exorcist is a 1973 American supernatural horror film directed by William Friedkin and produced and written for the screen by William Peter Blatty, based on the 1971 novel of the same name by Blatty. The film stars Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Lee J. Cobb, Kitty Winn, Jack MacGowran (in his final film role), Jason Miller, and Linda Blair. It is the first installment in The Exorcist film series, and follows the demonic possession of a 12-year-old girl and her mother's attempt to rescue her through an exorcism conducted by two priests.

In our first spooktober episode we discuss what we’d do as ghosts, the atmospheric horror It Follows, spooky podcasts, and preview next week's film The Exorcist!

The Canal Trailer:


It Follows trailer:


Neon Maniacs Trailer:

The Exorcist trailer:


Lore Podcast:


Spooked Podcast:


Snap Judgement Podcast:

No Sleep Podcast:

Beer of the Week: Dark Matter by Hoyne Brewing

Through our discussion of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, we touch on stillness, accurate depictions of teenagers, beautiful sound design, the concept of ma, theorize ending meanings, and discover we may be anime people...


The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (時をかける少女, Toki o Kakeru Shōjo) is a 2006 Japanese-animated science fiction romance film produced by Madhouse, directed by Mamoru Hosoda and written by Satoko Okudera. Released by Kadokawa Herald Pictures, the film is a loose sequel to the 1967 novel of the same name by Yasutaka Tsutsui and shares the basic premise of a young girl who gains the power of time travel and repeatedly relives the same day in a time loop, but with a different story and characters than the novel. Riisa Naka voices teenager Makoto Konno, who learns from Kazuko Yoshiyama, Makoto's aunt and the protagonist to the original story, that Makoto has the power to travel through time. Makoto begins using the time-leaps frivolously to fix problems.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was released on July 15, 2006 and received positive reviews. The film won numerous awards, including the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year. The English version was licensed and produced by Kadokawa Pictures U.S., with dubbing supplied by Ocean Productions, and released by Bandai Entertainment in 2008 and re-released by Funimation in 2016.

After discussing fall weather, Ugg boots, pumpkin spice lattes, live laugh love pillows, Starbucks, death threats, and Lockheed-Martin t-shirts, we actually get into the podcast. First Indy recommends a surprisingly complex show about cartoon characters dealing with real world problems: The Venture Bros. Samantha gets put inside the mind of a stalker in the novel You by Caroline Kepnes, then Indy introduces next week's movie, the Sci-Fi coming of age Japanese animated film, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

The Venture Bros. Season 1-4 Recap:

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time trailer:

Libby from Overdrive:

September 14, 2020

070 The Young Victoria (2009)

We take a look at the life of Queen Victoria and the British Royal Family. Romance! Gowns! Political intrigue! Palaces! Genocide!



The Young Victoria is a 2009 British period drama film directed by Jean-Marc Vallée and written by Julian Fellowes, based on the early life and reign of Queen Victoria, and her marriage to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Produced by Graham KingMartin ScorseseSarah Ferguson, and Timothy Headington, the film stars Emily BluntRupert FriendPaul BettanyMiranda RichardsonHarriet WalterMark Strong, and Jim Broadbent among a large ensemble cast.

Samantha loves scooting around, Indy loves Miyazaki and flying pigs, then Samantha introduces next week's regal romance, The Young Victoria.


Porco Rosso Trailer:

The Young Victoria Trailer: 

August 31, 2020

068 Psycho (1960)

In our discussion of Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 classic Psycho we discuss the psychology of Norman Bates, the birth of the slasher, women in horror, underrated performances & more!

Listen now! Or not, I'm not the boss of you.


Psycho is a 1960 American psychological horror thriller film produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The screenplay, written by Joseph Stefano, was based on the 1959 novel of the same name by Robert Bloch. The film stars Anthony PerkinsJanet LeighVera MilesJohn Gavin and Martin Balsam, and centers on the encounter between a female embezzler on the run, Marion Crane (Leigh), and Norman Bates (Perkins), the shy proprietor of a secluded old motel, and its aftermath

After explaining the etymology of the word “grumpled,” we discuss the cartoonish martial arts of Kung Fu Hustle & Taylor Swift’s newest album. Then pack a lunch, because Indy’s film school is back in session with next week’s feature presentation, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 horror classic Psycho!

CORRECTION: Indy said Vivian Leigh stars in Psycho, it is of course Janet Leigh.


Kung Fu Hustle Trailer:

The Last Great American Dynasty from Folklore:

Original Psycho Trailer:

This week we discuss the Ali Wong & Randall Park romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe, including wearing shoes inside, Keanu Reeves crushes, representation, songs to strip to, and whether it is able to elevate the genre of romantic comedy.

This week Samantha recommends the series The Arrangement, Indy has the newish Scooby Doo series Mystery Inc. and we preview next week’s movie Always Be Me Maybe… after getting sidetracked by the loveable kitten Keanu.

Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated Trailer:

Keanu Trailer:

Always Be My Maybe Trailer:

The Arrangement Trailer:

We celebrate our first year of podcasting by giving awards to our favourite films we’ve covered thus fall. Which character would you marry? Who stole every scene they were in? Which movies did we disagree on most? Does Samantha even listen to the podcast?

After determining which Recess and Sex and the City characters we are, we get into Indy’s favourite baseball movie A League of Their Own. We discuss efficient character development, women supporting women, why Geena Davis is our hero, Dungeons & Dragons, feminist ideas of 8 year old boys, and what makes this such a successful sports movie.


Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media:

Sam takes a little break while Indy attempts to rank the top 50 (yes fifty) baseball movies of all time! Biopics, tales of the civil rights movement, musicals, alien abductions, cussing kids, gritty dramas, these movies cover a lot more than just baseball. Then we preview next week’s movie, A League of Their Own!

Off The Black Trailer:
Bad News Bears Trailer:
The Sandlot Trailer:
Sugar Trailer:
A League of Their Own Trailer:

July 13, 2020

061 Dare Me (Season 1)

We take a look at the first season of Netflix’s Dare Me. Cheerleading, teeth, car sex, music in place of character development, this one has it all!

Indy reveals the newest Young Reader’s Choice Award winning novels, and picks his personal favourites, like The Hate U Give, & They Both Die At The End, Samantha re-watches the true crime thriller Dirty John and reveals next week’s topic the Netflix series Dare Me. Plus what to do if you catch fire, YOLO tattoos, and how all media has peaked in 2019. 

This year’s YRCA books:
Dirty John Podcast:

Fruitvale Station deals with the murder of Oscar Grant at the hands of transit police. We talk about Coogler’s unique and thoughtful choices in his debut film, the current state of policing and race relations, and the burden of martyrdom. Fun time!

This one is all over the place. We start off with an unscheduled discussion of racism in Edmonton, Canada, and around the world. Indy suggests you listen to Run The Jewels and watch Trigger Warning with Killer Mike. Samantha’s escapist pick is the Netflix original Dangerous Lies. Then Indy does a last minute swap for Ghostbusters, and introduces next week’s movie, the Ryan Coogler / Michael B. Jordan collaboration about the murder of Oscar Grant III, Fruitvale Station.


Run The Jewels:

Run The Jewels Video:

Killer Mike's pre-show Ferguson Grand Jury speech:

Clip From Trigger Warning:

Dangerous Lies Trailer:

Cineplex- Understanding Black Stories (watch Fruitvale Station for free!):

Fruitvale Station Trailer:

June 15, 2020

057 Bombshell (2019)

We’re discussing Bombshell, which covers the systemic sexual harassment at Fox News. We ask the important questions; Can you be a racist and a feminist? How do you stop cultures of misogyny? Can you tell these characters apart? 

After a preamble about Snoop Dogg and Samantha’s hip-hop knowledge, we have some streaming picks to get you through quarantine, including; Dynasty, The Great, Gilmore Girls, and Shoplifters. Then we’re introduced to next week’s movie Bombshell.

Gin & Juice Video:

Dynasty Trailer:

Gilmore Girls Trailer:

The Great Trailer:

Shoplifters Trailer:

Bombshell Trailer:

We break down the Brazilian film City of God, including the place of violence in cinema, the effectiveness of non-actors, cycles of poverty, and of course we answer the big question: Did we love it?

We have more streaming picks like Paddington, Schitt’s Creek, and Working Moms. Plus, we talk about Very Special episodes of sitcoms, like that time Urkel got drunk and fell off a roof, or when Tom Hanks drank vanilla and slapped Michael J. Fox… Good times.
Then Indy introduces next week’s movie: City Of God.


Beer of the Week: White Wedding Pastry Stout from Town Square Brewing

Paddington Trailer:

Schitt's Creek Trailer:

Workin’ Moms Trailer:

A Very Special Episode of Family Ties with Alchoholic Tom Hanks:

Seu Jorge performing David Bowie’s Starman:

City of God Trailer:

This week we talk about Greta Gerwig’s 2019 adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel Little Women. In a little prologue we discuss whether a movie can be for everyone, or if it’s okay to only be for a specific audience. Then it’s on to discussing the performances of Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, Emma Watson and others, the non-linear storytelling, and what makes this tale so timeless.

This week we have some more streaming suggestions to get you through the lockdown, including; Community, Life In Pieces, Big Hero 6, and more! Then we preview next week’s movie Greta Gerwig’s Little Women.

Community Season 3 Trailer:
Life In Pieces Trailer:
Big Hero 6:
Little Women Trailer:
Video of the “Pantry Ghost”:

Beer of the Week: Brewsters Brewfoot Blueberry Ale

On this dark and stormy night we discuss the 2019 Robert Eggers film The Lighthouse. First Indy argues “arthouse cinema” is for everyone, then we go to all the usual places: active viewership, greek mythology, memes, Christian symbolism, the cyclical nature of time, identity fluidity, Jacob’s Ladder scenarios, and farts.

Sam & Indy each have a streaming pick from Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime, including; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Good Wife, 10 Things I Hate About You, Gravity Falls, & more. Then, much to Sam’s dismay, Indy reveals next week’s movie: The Lighthouse.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Trailer: 

Unorthodox Trailer: 

The Good Wife Trailer: 

10 Things I Hate About You Trailer: 

Gravity Falls Trailer: 

Left Behind Trailer: 

The Dancing Old Man Six Flags Commercial: 


We review the 2019 feel-good comedy Brittany Runs A Marathon, discussing whether or not it breaks the romantic comedy mould, our drug fueled retirement plans, frienemies, representation on screen, running, and lousy Smarch weather.

This week we have some spoiler free reviews of what we’ve been watching since in quarantine, including; The Mandalorian, Riverdale, Dare Me, Eighth Grade, The Lobster, Pom Poko, & much more! Then, Samantha introduces next week’s movie Brittany Runs A Marathon!


The Fear of 13 Trailer: 
There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane Trailer: 
Veronica Trailer: 
Mid 90s Trailer:
Eighth Grade Trailer:
The Irishman Trailer: 
The Lobster Trailer: 
Pom Poko Trailer: 
Brittany Runs A Marathon Trailer:

Beer of the Week: Presidente

April 6, 2020

047 Being John Malkovich

We discuss 1999 being the greatest year for American cinema, the rise and fall of the DVD, and our quarantine tips. Then things get weird; the absurdity of consciousness, nihilism, fluidity of identity, the power of art as expressed through dance...
We attempt to get to the bottom of it all, only to discover it’s Malkovichs all the way down.
Whoa, man.

After a meandering 7 minute intro, Indy talks about the frantic, joyous gorefest that is Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive / Braindead, Samantha reviews the harrowing journey of Tara Westover in Educated, and the hosts are looking for some wives. Then Indy selects next week’s film: Spike Jonze’s absurdist comedy(?) Being John Malkovich. 


Being John Malkovich Trailer:

Canadian Energy Centre Petroleum Thought Crimes Division Tshirt by Ironclad Folly: 

Beer of The Week: Muskoka Chocolate Orange Kveik:

March 23, 2020

045 Cheer

This week we’re discussing the Netflix docuseries Cheer! It follows the Navarro College Cheerleading team through ups and downs in their pursuit of another national championship. On this emotional journey we talk about what it means to Be a Jerry, our thick Canadian accents, fatherhood crushes, mean coaches, and the importance of sport. 

Beer of The Week: Howe Sound Jam Session Raspberry Cream Ale

Samantha has been reading the novels of Elin Hildebrand, Indy has been lost in the complex nihilism of Hollywoo, and then more Cheerleading! Also, which sports are serious?

The Winter Street Series:
Bojack Horseman Trailer:
Cheer Trailer:

The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, & The Rise of Skywalker round out the Skywalker saga and our Star Wars Special. Will they live up to the hope of the Original Trilogy, fall victims to audience expectations like the prequels, forge their own path? Listen and find out! Remember, this is a spoiler zone!

The Force Awakens Trailer:
The Last Jedi Trailer:
The Rise of Skywalker Trailer:

A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, now we’re on to the good stuff! The Original Trilogy of Star Wars is one of the greatest cinematic achievements, but will they live up to the expectations and our childhood memories? Listen and find out!

A New Hope Trailer:
The Empire Strikes Back Trailer:
Return of the Jedi Trailer:

In the first installation of a 3 part Star Wars series, we discuss The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. Are they as terrible as people think, victims of unrealistic expectations, pleasant surprises? Listen and find out!

Phantom Menace Trailer:

Attack of the Clones Trailer:

Revenge of the Sith Trailer:

Star Wars Chronology:

Body of Evidence Trailer:

February 17, 2020

040 Do The Right Thing

1989, the number, another summer! We get ready to fight the power with the (unnecessarily) controversial Spike Lee classic. It’s the hottest day of the year in Bed-Stuy and tensions are on the rise. Do the Right Thing is a complex, dirty, real look at race relations which is still painfully applicable today.


Beer of the Week: Brewster’s Hawaiian Coconut Porter


Ebert’s Review of Do The Right Thing:


David O Russel yelling at Lily Tomlin:


The Love and Hate Speech from Night of the Hunter:


After meandering touches on Mother!, Slumdog Millionaire, curling irons, and He Got Game, we talk about upward mobility in a spoiler free review of Parasite, and the fascinating world of forensic pathology in the book Working Stiff. Then Indy previews his Black History Month pick: Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing.


Parasite Trailer:

Working Stiff: Two Years, 262 Bodies, and the Making of a Medical Examiner

by Judy Melinek MD and T.J. Mitchell:

Do The Right Thing Trailer:

February 3, 2020

038 Gone With The Wind

We knew it would happen eventually; Samantha and Indy (or at least one of them) resort to physical violence in their discussion of the 1939 American epic historical romance Gone with the Wind.

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